Thursday, August 19, 2010


Tonight I started cleaning out my studio.. and I was definitely feeling nostalgic... some people may say sad?...but I don't see it that way... sad would be if you were force to leave to go somewhere without wanting to go..then I can see where sad would come into place... but just thinking back when I first stepped into California 8 years ago and just fell in love with it... the complete sadness I felt as I left thinking to myself that one day I will return to live here... but there is a time and place for everything.. I now have a really strong reason to go out there and pursue what I have wanted for the past few years.. and failure is not an option...everyone has been really supportive and that makes it all the better... what triggered this whole post was the theme based on this artist Erik Otto out in San Francisco.. his next solo show is based on is a little excerpt from fabric 8 Erik Otto illustrates the themes of struggle one must face in order to achieve growth – self-fulfillment versus self-destruction and how the transient nature of time dictates the uncertainty of life. The new body of work, which is more abstract and expressive then his past pieces, addresses the idea of facing one’s personal fears in order to reach true potential and real progress. reading that just really hit home..with the move, name change, and style change as well.. it can all be a scary thing but again it is necessary for growth.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Still Experimenting

Creature should have been a little more round on the bottom

The tower should have been a little more symmetrical
Ok so I'm still going at it and trying to figure things out... this process is so frustrating because I feel I can't get it right.. so I tried doing a new painting before I leave to CA..well this is what you get when you try and rush a painting before leaving.. its just no good...I uploaded which will be my last painting here in CT...I have a similar idea for another one but I will just wait once I'm out there, considering I still need to pack, ship and clean out the I posted what I did and I corrected the painting by adding some black marks haha, kinda like a teacher making corrections on what to improve...ugh I really don't like posting things like this but hey it is what it is.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Shady Characters

This friday at the alcove, I'll be part of a 7 person show entitled "Shady Characters", its my first show that I will be showing under my real name Yosiell Lorenzo, really excited about this! for more info on the artist exhibiting that night check out should be a beast of a show!