Sunday, October 31, 2010


These people mean business

It's electric boggy oogy oogy

Tables are being thrown.. kinda like a domino scene in an Ice Cube video

What's that? wait I can't hear you
Ah so today is Halloween and I will be off to hang out with a few friends to watch some horror getting caught up in the spirit I had the idea of maybe buying a Ouija board and using that as my canvas? not sure that was a great idea so I canned the whole thing... but as I was doing my research I stumbled upon a few seance pics, some with Ouija boards... I gotta say those old pics are really creepy looking, but cool at the same time nice eerie feel to them.. so I decided to post a few of them up.. who knows maybe my next solo maybe along the lines of this whole theme? hmm I may have to look into that some more because I for sure am getting some awesome images in my head as far as paintings and instillation goes.. we'll see

Friday, October 29, 2010

Possessed Icing Head Sicklings

So getting over a slump after being in bed for a week after the move to my new place in Oakland... I have finally finished these new icing head sicklings..possessed that is.. right in time for Halloween..they are going for $55 shipped in the US and go live tomorrow at 12 (PDT).. so head on over to the shop tomorrow and pick these little dudes up...they are five of them and one with the moldy version chase... they will be blind box, in the sense that I will pack them up and then randomly place the shipping labels on them...In the meant time I am prepping for my first toy signing at this years Designer Con in Pasadena which I am very excited about...Poison Sweet will be released that day so make sure to come out if you are in the LA area...should be good times! after that I will be busy prepping for my solo show in DC at art whino which will be my first solo show using my real name, but more to come on that later...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Later better than never?

So a lot has been going on but I will leave that for another post...they will consist of my new apartment, my figure release, new works, and pulling my back with the move BOOOOO! but on a side note..I was in my first SF show (well first show actually living in the west) the opening was last week, but you can view it here some solid pieces are up... you can still view the show in person at Double Punch Gallery ..ok off to some more bed rest!

PS a hot bath with epsom salt does wonders!