Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"Listen buddy I'm in charge here " Ltd to 10

OK so due to technical difficulties instead of these prints being limited to 30 like I intended them to be, they will be limited to 10..yes 10 so once these are up act fast, they might not last long..they will bee S28.oo shipped within the US..(sorry for the bad pic, they are NOT that dark...just a sample of what they look) they are 8' x 8" printed on white velvet fine art paper 270 gsm with archival inks..

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sneak Peek

I won't be posting full pics of my pieces from here on in..but just snippets so you can get the feel of what I'm doing

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Still at it...

This pass month or so I've been at the studio working non stop (which the occasional break that is) A friend of mine was able to burn me a screen of my missile logo along with a PD that I will be using to sign my paintings with..Since what I am currently working on now is a lot tighter I think the PD screened onto my painting will make things look more cohesive.. I will also screen the missile onto six 8"x8" wood cradles as well.. Might start that this weekend.. banged out a 3x4 and will start a 2x4 later today.. aahh it never ends..

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Some more new stuff

I did a nine hour session at the studio on Saturday, so today I'll be taking a break from painting, but not my digital stuff.. have some digital work I need to email.. so I leave you with these three paintings for some shows I have coming up.. I'll be catching up on some movies as well.. Escape from New York and Blade Runner.. I know sad I have never seen these movies before haha.. oops!

Saturday, September 12, 2009


I like this a lot better tighter and vector looking.. will do this one on wood.. was originally going to do it 2x2, but now I'm thinking 4x4.. going all out maybe

Thursday, September 10, 2009

80's Throwback

So I vectorized one of my characters and transferred him onto a 3" wood cradle I built.. still need to mess with it some more.. the molar is also done, I definitely like it better with and overall distressed look instead of just the background.. won't be posting probably till I hit the studio again sunday-ish?.. this weekend will consist of night of the comet, Halloween 2, a dude from the UK, and a mom visit.. should be fun!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Check it out

So I'm still trying to figure this out a bit.. I think I may want to distress the molar a bit and not have it so polish

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New Style?

Ok so this is not necessarily a new style per say..but more like combining all my 3 styles that I have evolved into.. First I miss my bold stuff and I sense a lot of people did too so I'm gonna sketch all my work like I always did but this time I will scan them, redraw them in illustrator and then transfer them onto canvas so that I get a clean and bold even look.. I will continue doing the grimy edges and dry brush technique that I was doing with my acrylics on wood paintings.. now I have been messing with oils and I love the smooth blends that you can get with them so I'm thinking instead of filling them in with bold solid colors I think I might paint the insides with oils to give it depths and smooth transitions of darks, lights and mid tones...I posted example of the process that Im doing..vectoring takes a little longer but the final result will be so worth it.. I should start filling this in soon..

Thursday, September 3, 2009

More Cradles and some Instillation pieces

I'm down to my third cradle and the more I keep building them the better I'm getting (obviously) the second I did is a 3" deep cradle on 2x2 1/4 birch panel, not to bad not as heavy as the first one I did so it will make shipping a lot cheaper..the third is a 12x18 with a 3" deep cradle.. I specifically built this one for a group show I'm in over at Art Whino, which then will travel down to the Miami Art Basel..These seem to be a little time consuming, but I gotta say it's well worth it and the more I do them the quicker I'm getting..

I got start on a couple of milk cartons for an instillation I am working on.. I gessoed then primed the milk cartons which actually came out pretty opaque, splatter some pink acrylic paint on them then applied a few of my cherry critter stickers, I'll be doing about 20 of these.. and mind you the stickers are die cut, cut out by hand haha... I'm taking a break tomorrow, but over this wekeend I'll be hitting the studio hard to bang out a few more of these and start my painting for the art whino show.. ok Off to bed.. Im half asleep as I type this hahaha poof!

Plaques with text

For one of my upcoming solos shows I decided to have plaques with letters spelling out the show instead of having my usual creatures.. I like the ways these are coming out.. it's a combination of acrylic and oils on stained wood plaques.. I still need to add cracks and some more highlights to the letters..will post more progress soon, enjoy!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Break from the brushes

So I decided instead of forcing myself to paint I figured I work on the instillation part of the show.. I caught myself trying to paint night after night and it just felt forced.. I think I really want to get my hands dirty and start with the gluing, sanding, priming.. just getting down to the nitty gritty.. I primed and sanded two 8" Dunnys and a Labbit for my upcoming solos shows not to mention the other two 10" Mad*Ls I prepped.

Tonight I got to use my Miter saw that I bought a couple of days ago and I'm hooked.. after painting with canvas again the last couple of months I gotta say that I really miss the smoothness of wood and just the feel of it in general.. So I decided to build my own wood cradles and get busy with it (I opted this instead of buying them..shipping was just way to much and I like the craft of putting these together) I built my first one 2x2 out of Birch wood.. For my first time I gotta say I didn't do to bad..though I still need to get the hang of it.. one corner has a little gap which I will be filling in with wood filler (see pic above) the other sides are right on.. so not to shabby.. Now to pick up more C-clamps and primer...also special thanks to Mr.Sharp for guiding me through all of this.. I'd be lying if I said I figured this all by myself!