Thursday, September 23, 2010

Movie Night @ Zero Friends Pop Shop SF

My Friend Dan and I were on the hustle last week checking out galleries and shops when by accident we stumbled upon zero friends pop up shop right next to upper playground, so we walked in and Alex Pardee along with Nate Van Dyke were doing a live painting session... got to meet both and they seem like really cool people.. we started talking to Sean who was at the shop helping and selling tickets to a movie night they were going to have..what movie? sleepaway camp... I have heard about this movie through a friend of mine, but I just never got around to see it...Dan was up for going and so was I, why not...awesome mid 80's horror camp movie with Alex Pardee and friends, sounds good to me..we bought tickets and the tickets were actual 5x7 prints as well, so how's that extra coolness..anyways here are the pictures of the night.. it was good times, small and intimate.. I think they will be here for about a month so each week they will be showing a different movie.. stoked on that! enjoy the pics...

The Set up

Getting their smores on

Alex Pardee's and Nate Van Dyke's Collab

Alex Pardee's Narwhal

Double X Flame mallows

Pop Up Shop on Filmore

Movie Ticket/Print..pretty cool idea

HAHA you gotta see the movie to understand this pic

Free Bee print for those at the movie

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Partner in Crime

Bonnie & Clyde revisited
So I'm sitting here on a Friday night in California..( I know with so much going on, I'm staying in?!?) with not much to do.. painted all morning and it was great.. got lots done..but evening rolls in and I get the urge to do something.. but with who? and the words that matt said to me before I moved rang in my head...FIND YOURSELF A PARTNER IN CRIME..and that is true.. going to places by yourself can get boring, am I gonna yell "hey yosiell you saw that shit?!?" to myself and look like the fool? looking back I think that's the same thing that happened to me when I moved to New Haven.. I couldn't really enjoy it because there was no one to enjoy it with....that last year there I got to explore New Haven a lot more with my friends Matt and Trish.. they were always around to hang and easy access as well...I had a friend for a minute that would come up from Long Island.. I would get super excited when he visited..why? because of the same deal...what adventure where we going to go on next, and what exploring we would do....whether it's your significant other or a close friend I think everyone needs a partner in discover new things and try new things...someone you can call on the spot and are down to do whatever.... on that note where there hell is my "bonnie?" heheh

Friday, September 3, 2010

West Coast bound

So it all still feels like a dream to me.. but I can't believe after 8 years I'm finally living in the bay area...Kim is super awesome and I couldn't thank her enough for having me crash until I get car is coming in the following Wednesday.. I have an interview set up on Tuesday.. so things are really moving quick... once I land this job is time to search for an apartment, then I can set up my studio and really start cranking out new work...not sure when it's going to hit me that I am actually living here, from what I hear it can take months or maybe even years.. but what I do know is that I am loving it... no humidity I can go out in a tee shirt and jeans and feel perfectly comfortable, don't have to stress about snow and how safe are the roads going to be...and the art scene? Amazing! I don't even know where to begin.

Oakland, CA

As I was packing and shipping things out back in CT I started feeling sad, thinking to myself why am I feeling this way? wasn't I super excited about moving, new challenges and adventures? and I am but I didn't realize that feeling like that is totally normal especially after being in the same place for 31 years... Now that I am here it all feels right.. I know I have made the right choice and just have a really good feeling about everything.. its going to work out..they say to always follow your gut and I did! so I say thanks CT for all the good times and memories and hello CA for new friends, good times, and new memories!